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Ostthüringer Zeitung: 50 trucks rolling for St. Gangloff

District Administrator Andreas Heller was very impressed during his visit to the headquarters of the transport company TUH GmbH.
Especially the steady growth of the company and the ultra-modern vehicle fleet were discussed during his visit.
Read the original article in the Ostthüriner Zeitung:

50 Laster rollen für St 680

Verkehrsrundschau Ausgabe 29/2013

Read an article from the Verkehrsrundschau Ausgabe 29/2013 issue 29/2016 about the efficient use of telematics in our vehicle fleet
in german:


Mercedes-Benz Transport 3|2014

Furthermore, the Mercedes-Benz Transport Magazin reported in issue 3/2014 on the use of Mercedes Service Card in TUH GmbH. This enables the company to optimize its fuel costs and shorten repair times. 

TUH GmbH MercedesServiceCard

Mercedes-Benz-Transport 3-2014

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